Frequently asked questions 

Weddings FAQ. Wedding, Maternity, Family photographer in Chingford London

Here you have a selection of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further enquiry.

How long have you been a photographer?

Long enough to bring you peace of mind but not long enough to lose my passion. I still believe my pictures should make you decide if I am what you need for your event. Not some words. But hey, I’ve got nothing to hide about me (click it!)

How many pictures will we receive?

Anywhere between 600-800 pictures/day. Of course it depends on how many hours on the day as well. You can find more info here.

  How long do we need to wait for our wedding pictures / videos?  

You will receive 10-15 pictures in the next 48 hours following your wedding. It will take 6-8 weeks to receive all your pictures. For videos, it will be anywhere between 12-16 weeks.

Why does it take so long? I want them faster!  

I would like that as well and you can be sure that I will do my best to deliver your pictures / videos ASAP! The delivery term depends on many factors: how many weddings are in the queue before yours, how many days of wedding you had, the package you’ve chosen. You have paid for quality and this is what you’ll get! I’ve always delivered on time and whenever was possible, my clients had received their products faster than normal term.

How will we receive our products?

I will create an online gallery for you, on this website, password protected, where you will be able to watch and download all your pictures and videos. You can share it with your family and friends and it would be also possible for them to download the files. Alternatively, you can receive them on an USB stick in a beautiful personalised box.

What happens if we need more photographers/videographers for our event? Do you have a team?

OK, here is the truth: the bigger the team who document your event, the better. You will get better coverage, more interesting angles, same scene from different perspectives, more dynamism…Of course, you need to consider some important factors when you decide the number of professionals you hire: how many guests will attend your event, bride and groom getting ready at different locations, different events happening in the same time in different locations, your expectations etc. 

At Glamour Weddings we’ve got a great team of high-skilled  professionals and state of the art equipment so no matter the complexity of your event, we got you covered.

Do you offer bespoke packages?

Definitely! Depending on how many services / coverage hours you need and how many days / events you have, I will create the best package for you. Every wedding is unique so just drop me an WhatsApp message and we can discuss your unique plans straight away! 

Do you travel?

Yes I do! I really think that one of the main reasons to be a photographer is traveling around the world! ;)

What about the copyright?

As a creator, the photographer owns the copyright of the images. As a client, you will be granted the license to use, print and share them without restriction. Basically, the only thing you can’t do (without my consent) is to use the images/videos for commercial purposes.

Are you insured?

Fully. Public liability and professional indemnity.

Let’s say, for the sake of conversation, we want to book you. How do we proceed?

Once I’ve received your booking form and the booking fee, your date is secured. Any other enquiry regarding the same date as yours, will be politely declined. Just contact me and we will take it from there;))